Commercial Painting Partnerships


Fence repairs made for commercial paint companies

Partnering with Guardian Fence Co. is a great way to help both companies thrive.

Instead of painting over rotted fence sections, or trying to find a handyman, offer your clients an
all in one solution for repair and repaint. 

If you are interested in partnering with us, a company that has a track record of being the go-to for wrought iron fence repair, read more below. 

Large Scale

We handle large scale fence repairs 

Apartment complexes
200+ home HOA's
Commercial buildings
Golf courses
Shopping centers


Don't want to get involved with repair, but looking for a reliable referral? 

We can exceed your client's expectations for a quality product and service.


Residential painter?

Although we typically work with commercial painting companies, we do a lot of residential work also. 

Reach out to us on the form below and we will see if its a good fit!

How does the process work?


Offer repair services to client, If your client would like a bid, your client will need to have their gardener do reasonable fence line clearing in order for us to accurately give a repair quote.
Consult with us to make sure you understand our quote details and pricing.
Add your markup (if applicable) for our subcontract work
Verify our payment terms vs your client contract (depending on project size we may require a deposit, we want to make sure your payment terms to the client ensure a smooth process on the project so we are both paid on time)

Acceptance &
Project Coordination

Proposal revisions can be made upon request for your client
Scheduling and project coordination between our teams
Addressing of any concerns you may have


Job progress updates
Once work is completed our project manager will inspect our work to ensure completion and address any punch list items
You Collect payment from client
You pay us for completed work
On to the next project!

Would you like to work together?
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