Wrought Iron 

Does your fence look like this?

If so... You are in need of wrought iron restoration service.

We work with thousands of homeowners just like you and leave them with a fence that is
strong and looks brand new at a Fraction of the cost of a new fence.

Most fence contractors will only provide you the option to fully replace your fence when most of the time it’s completely unnecessary.  

fence repair

What makes us special?
Being the leading experts of wrought iron repair in Southern California
we stick by our proven system. We see it all the time.. Customers paying for "handyman" repairs that never really fix the problem. When the steel starts rotting it will continue to spread throughout the fence like a cancer, that is why we completely remove the rotted sections instead of putting a "band-aid" on it.

Full Customer Protection
We are licensed, bonded, and heavily insured for FULL customer protection.

Attention to Detail
With Guardian Fence Co. you know exactly what you're paying for. We provide our customers with a FREE estimate with a list of EVERY individual rotted section that needs to be replaced, as opposed to other contractors that leave you with a vague quote that doesn’t explain exactly what they are going to do.


wrought iron rot replacement

Here is a newly installed bottom fence rail using heavy gauge material for a long lasting repair.  

We completely cut out the rotted sections to ensure we get rid of the rot while maintaining the same look of the original fence.


new wrought iron fence rail install

Here is the newly installed fence rail fully primed using our industrial grade rust inhibiting primer and ready for a nice coat of our favorite urethane alkyd paint.


We believe in innovation, thats why we never stop looking for the best in market products for our fencing.

After many years of test trials Dunn Edwards products has always been the winner in superior wrought iron paint.

If you'd like to know more about why we chose to partner with Dunn Edwards Paints, Please see the Video here.  

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